About Us

R.A.R.O is an artistic and creative collective, that produces artistic residencies in Buenos Aires and Madrid. Our interest in creating opportunities for exchange and creation, has led us to propose Itinerant Residencies where the key element is the opportunity  that we provide for artistic production and/ or works in collaboration with different artists.




Almudena Blanco (Madrid) 
Project Manager Madrid
Felipe García Salazar (Bogotá)
Project Manager Buenos Aires
Lina Ángel (Bogotá)
Project Manager Buenos Aires

BA in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid and with a MA in Curatorial Studies in New Media. She has experience in museums and galleries in Spain and Argentina

Visual artist graduated with honors in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York. His production focuses in painting, urban intervention, photography, drawing and site-specific. He has made Residencies in various countries including China, Hungary, Argentina and the United States.

Political Scientist from Pontifical Xavierian University in Colombia, Master in Communication and Cultural Creation in Argentina, with experience in the management of cultural programs and projects.

Violeta González Santos 

Visual artist graduated from the Museo Social Argentino University. Violeta develops her work in video art, poetry and drawing. Her work has been exhibited in different collective exhibitions including the Salón Nacional Argentina; Her book Golpe de Agua was published in 2016 and her poems have been published in different online and printed magazines.

Chili Amighini 
(Buenos Aires) 

Independent Curator. Silvina has experience as an audiovisual producer and in R.R.P.P. She has participated in the organization of different cultural projects in Argentina.

Erick Ballesteros

Graphic designer from the DaVinci Arts School in Buenos Aires, Erick has experience in corporate brand design, social media management and laser print design.

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