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The space is open to various disciplines, because the size allows it. The daily use is for a painting workshop, and construction clinics or sporadic talks. It is a space in formation, and therefore, in constant growth, open to new challenges. Its use is 90% of the time as a personal painting workshop, and for assembly of work in the space, and the remaining 10% to make samples or activations with friends and colleagues, and also to use it privately.It is a space with double access and therefore, double circulation on the ground floor. Conceived with more private parts where the residents would work and more public areas, with an independent entrance, where it is possible to get together to talk about artistic practice and make assemblies.

The atelier is run by Julia Clutterbuck


"I was born in Buenos Aires, the city where I live and work

Although I was interested in painting since I was a little girl, and I attended workshops such as those of Juan Doffo and Juan Astica, among others, it was not until 2018 that I decided to professionalize myself in art.

To do this, I put aside my profession as an architect and trained in different workshops, such as those of Andrés Sobrino and Sebastián Bruno, construction clinics with Carolina Baulo, ECSA clinic with Julián León Camargo, I was selected to participate in PAC Artists, I took classes at the Di Tella University with Eduardo Stupía, and I participated in the Cuatro x Cuatro clinics, carried out by Pablo Sinaí and Federico De La Puente, among other studies.

From 2018 onwards, I participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, such as the El Más Acá gallery, San Andrés Cultural Space, Zuviría Activation, Somos Gale, Prana. Gallery, OTHER FAIR, etc. I also won the contest for stained glass interventions in Panal 361.

My work is urban, with traces of construction materials; generally large, based on constant research that weaves all my work. I am deeply interested in making use of space and making it and the work dialogue.

My artistic practice is based on a process of research on matter. I am especially interested in the conservation (friction) of paint on plastic as a support. Revalue waste and redefine it, give it another meaning and make it the protagonist. Within that same search I try to give it perpetuity. Matter falls and constantly redefines itself from its own existence. I look for transcendence in the painting that breaks and falls. I am also interested in working on the concept of trace, the interest in what cannot be seen, which is so visible that it is imperceptible."

Residents have a work space, 3m x 3.50m and a high ceiling, solely for their use, where they can carry out their practice, with a table, chairs, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and very good light. And also a space for common use (8m x 14m shed) where to show or mount the work. It also has a more private office of 3mx 5m, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 patios, a stock area, hammocks.
The space has a projector, general and punctual lights, and also a stock, where tools, ladders, assembly systems for works, easels, wood, table, 20 chairs for meetings or talks are stored.

Hours and days of operation:

from 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday fixed (flexible in terms of post 4pm requirement, you can talk and organize)

no atelier's keys available to artist

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