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Amasarte Cerámica Artística 

Ceramics Pottery

Amasarte is an artistic ceramic workshop in downtown Madrid. It offers a place devoted to arts and handicrafts for everyone willing to start —or develop— their own plastic arts skills. Amasarte is understood as a dynamic creation space and, therefore, they lend their own facilities to other kinds of activities. The studio is spilled in a few different areas: one dedicated to classroom, the second one to pottery wheels, another one to individual working places. They work on artistic ceramics and pottery having low temperature ovens 

Amasarte came to light from Ana Barrriuso Arranz, who —after many years dedicated to design and artistic ceramic studies— decided to apply and share her knowledge in this environment located in Malasaña quarter.


Ana is Superior Technician in Artistic Ceramics, owning a Degree in Product Design and Graphic Design. Her professional background is focused to product sales and teaching.



- Ovens (low temperature, up to 1000 °C)

- Pottery wheels

- Hand wheel 

- Spraying units

- Tools needed for working in ceramics

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