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Amazink Studio

A very inspiring space where you can carry out your screen printing project. Noelia will be happy to accompany you anytime you need her. This study is prepared with all the necessary tools to develop medium format graphic works.  
Techniques: Printmaking

With artisan screen printing as its starting point, Amazink is a specialist in limited edition artistic screen printing, as well as textile screen printing and a wide variety of surfaces. The studio is divided into two spaces: the gallery and the screen printing workshop.

The gallery is about 25 square meters and the workshop is 45 square meters. Using a staircase is necessary to gain access to both spaces, so it is not accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Noelia Tramullas is the Workshop Master and director of Amazink. She is a graduate in Fine Arts at UCM Madrid, specializing in drawing, engraving and stamping. She has performed screen printing works at Damn Fine Print (Dublin, Ireland)


-1 drying rack 
-1 carrousel 4 arms 4 stations
-1 large format printer for films and giclee
-1 screening station to produce up to 50 X 70 cm works
-1 5 meter table with 4 screening stations 
-1 cutting table with several types of guillotines
-1 insulator
-1 washout and silkscreening booth
-Squeegees, spatulas, inks, and paper.

-The studio includes material and consumable products/refreshments store.

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