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ArrATOS is a workspace specialized in HANDMADE PAPER ART CREATION: here, PAPER is understood as a creation and experimentation material in itself. The space is an urban paper mill in the center of Madrid where paper is made out of plant fibers from renewable plants as an alternative to wood, and recycling fruit and vegetable waste. Recycled textiles are also turned into paper in their HOLLANDER BEATER.

They complement artistic creation with paper-related techniques, SUCH as SCREEN-PRINTING, ART BINDING and ARTIST'S BOOK, ILLUSTRATION or COLLAGE.

After many years dedicated to the management and conservation of the cultural property and the organization of exhibitions, Nunche Lamas, specializing in Art History, has become increasingly interested in techniques related to BOOK construction and handmade PAPER elaboration.

Sara Seijas encountered the magic of SERIGRAPHY in different workshops in Groningen (The Netherlands), Madrid, and London. She continues to deepen her knowledge of this technique through the printing of meticulous and complex images, combining it with graphic design and editorial editing, the basis of her education.

Arratos ha participado en las siguientes residencias:

  • Sam Selley (UK)


The workshop, located in the Malasaña neighborhood, has a large space with a shop window facing the street.


It is divided into 3 areas:
—screen printing,
—a multidisciplinary area with a large table suitable for bookbinding, illustration,
collage, computer work, etc.

In addition to the space itself, ArrATOS has the necessary tools and materials for
papermaking, screen printing, and bookbinding.

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