| Manufacturing of paper Artist's Book Pottery 
| Silkscreen Binding Illustration

ArrATOS is born as an urban papermill, by love of paper and its artisan way of manufacturing from fibres obtained from renewable plants and others coming from recycled vegetal materials and residual fabrics. Its goal is to spread the extraordinary expressive quality of the paper itself as a material for artistic works. In addition to it, ArrATOS is conceived as a space for creation OF, WITH and WITHIN paper incorporating related working techniques as Silkscreen, artist's books, Binding, Illustration or Collage among others. Recently, a part of the space has been devoted to the installation of an artistic pottery workshop.

After years of dedication to manage/preserve cultural goods and organize exhibitions, Nunche Lamas, a specialist in Art History, has been interested in those techniques related to BOOK construction and artisanal manufacturing of PAPER.

Solid supplies to different techniques needed to approach ILLUSTRATION are provided by Nader Sharaf. Finesse and love for details that characterizes his lyric images lead us into a scope of delicious intimacy.

Supported by her solid background (graphic design and publisher-editor), Sara P. Fariñas has discovered a passion by SERIGRAPHY at different workshops in Groningen (The Netherlands), Madrid or London. She is still diving in it trying to transport complex and meticulous images in a serigraphic way.

Paula Casella works and continually experiments with clay. Shape diversity and enamel and gold application to her pieces are the highlights in her organic CERAMIC


- Clear space around 86 m2. 

- Natural light. 

- Kitchen and bathroom. 

- 4 areas for paper manufacturing, silkscreen and a wide table to develop multidisciplinary tasks (binding, illustration, collage, computer works, etc). 

- wifi. 

- Tools and materials needed for paper manufacturing, silkscreen, binding, pottery, and illustration.