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Arteaga Usted

Painting Drawing Installation Performance 

Established on January 2017 by Luján Martos and Alberto Acinas, who cooperate in several projects since they met at the Cuenca’s University School of Fine Arts. Later on the painter Pablo Sánchez joined the space. Arteaga Usted was born as a working space, exhibition center, and meeting point, as it is a place for frequent meetings and social gathering. Activities carried out are mainly related to painting and installation.

The 240 square meters space is distributed in two levels, is the first flat for exhibitions and the second one as a place for sharing activities.

Alberto Acinas holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts by the University of Cuenca. Once he finished studies (2001), he had the opportunity of exhibiting at Galería Valle Quintana (Madrid), where he managed (2005-2009) space for small to medium format works from emergent artists. He has presented his own works at other galleries in Madrid (Mad is Mad, Luis Burgos). In 2009 he moved to Berlin, where he exhibited his work at the gallery “En Blanco”. By 2011, he held a residence in Mexico D.F, El Museo Experimental El Eco (UNAM). He returned to Madrid by 2015 and establish the new space “ARTEAGA Usted.



  • 240 m2 space

  • Basic tools: Hammers, hand staplers, screwdrivers, saws…

  • Working places, tables, chairs…

  • A common sharing place for rest and kitchen

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