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Painting Drawing Installation Urban Art
Performance Sculpture Video ArtPhotography

Basurama is an art collective dedicated to the research, creation, and production of culture and environment since 2001, focusing its performance and study areas in productive processes, the generation of wastes and what they entail as well as the creative possibilities of this situation arouses.


Originating at Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid, it has been evolving and finding new formats since its very beginning. Basurama intends to study the inherent phenomena of massive production of real and virtual trash within the consumer society, bringing new visions that can act as generators of new ways of thinking and attitudes.

Basurama has set out to find waste in unusual places by studying it in its entire range. It has become a multi-disciplinary space developing different activities simultaneously with one common focus including all kinds of workshops, lectures, concerts, screenings, competitions, and publications.


Basurama has carried out more than a hundred projects in 4 continents, with headquarters in Madrid and a permanent office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Bilbao, Spain. Amongst these projects, we find its commissary for the White night 2010, SUW (Solid Urban Waste), public art projects in Latin America and Africa (2009-2013), European Project Urban Cooks Autobarrios. They also create self-building projects with local communities and playgrounds all over the World, as well as a great number of collective and individual exhibits, publications and workshops.


  • Small industrial unit 20x7 m. by 4 m. high.

  • An area dedicated to office work (computer) and a studio workshop area.

  • Kitchen and bathroom

  • Materials and tools like 3D printer, drills, jigsaws, welding, etc.

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