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Carla Brugo (Entre Ríos, Argentina)

She is an illustrator and object designer. During her residency, Carla developed her illustration project at María Colombo’s and Fátima Pecci’s ateliers. Her project consisted of a series of paintings of houses and apartment building’s facades she found during her recordings around the city. For her, facades tell a story of their own, in her search, Carla abstracts them from their urban context and locates in indeterminate spaces which inevitably arise comparisons with the ambiguous spaces of metaphysical painting. As closure of her residence, her work was shown alongside the works of local artists at Espacio MODOS in Palermo neighborhood.

Curatorial Text.

Carla Brugo comes from a city in the interior of Argentina where its geography - Between rivers - delimits in a certain way the behavior in each riverside.


There are preciousness in her choice of format, where through its lines and colors, it gives rise to an authentic atmosphere. She feels herself at leisure and despite the setbacks - geographical, social and cultural - persists in the construction of a solid and coherent body of work.


She is hurried to specify what she has received during this brief residence in Buenos Aires. However, she has come to appreciate the artists with whom she worked for their generosity and warmth received in the times shared.


Brugo felt safe to define a change of support, working with Maria Colombo (who generates his sculptures from sheets of old magazines). While Which on the part of Fatima Pecci, she received a test of civic and social responsibility, Indispensable and encouraging at this point for her work.


Appreciating this journey of the sun in his studio during the day of work, inspired in her a game of lights and shades very enriching for her works.


Brugo expressed herself and was represented in the works. In a way, and disobeying Yoko Ono's instructions, she decided not to disappear in her drawings. On the contrary, she found in them the place where memory flows.

Silvina Amighini

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