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Paloma Violeta

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Installation Site SpecificPerformance Video Art Artes Sonoras |  

Paloma Violeta González Santos, is a visual artist and poet.

In 2010 she entered the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino where she gratuated from the visual arts program.

Since then she has devoted most of her time to creating and learning about video art and poetry.

She has participated in different collective exhibitions in spaces such as Hilo Gallery, Panal 361, Kirchner Cultural Center, Palais de Glace, among others. She received the Salto Luz scholarship and participates in the CIA artist program.

In 2014 her work was selected for the National Salon of Artists within the category of Installations and Alternative media.

She has been published in Revista Flamantes (Spain), BigSur Books, Sandía Magazine, Literariedad Magazine (Colombia) and has generated different independent and self-managed publications.

She was part of the poetic collective Taller H. with whom she published and generated different workshops and readings around the city.

Her videos have been screened in different cities around the world and her poetry book Golpe de Agua was published by Editorial Gigante in 2016.



The atelier is a bright space, with high ceilings, located in an old house shared with 10 other artists.

It has 12 square meters, a kitchen and shared bathroom and is located in the heart of Palermo.

Nature - Use of space


The atelier is a pleasant and inspiring space designed to work with video, writing and drawing. It is also a meeting place with artists from other disciplines; it is located in a zone surrounded by a very active and interesting artistic circuit.

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