Douzo Rocamora

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Douzo Rocamora is an artistic experimentation space that works as a contemporary art exhibition site, at the same time it is Ignacio Chico's atelier, Chico works with performance, video, installation and oil painting. The space functions as a workshop site to experiment with different media, seeking to share the creative process, as an art work review, providing information that makes exchange prevail. It is available to build installations, have photographic productions, paintings and other disciplines, always bearing in mind that, in addition to being an atelier, it is a exhibition space which must remain tidy and habitable. There is a dress code to remove footwear at the entrance door.

The space is painted and apart from some holes that are already there, the walls are in very good condition. The floor is made out of painted concrete and is in good condition. The artificial lighting is even and abundant, and it is handled directly from three thermal keys located at the deposit. Natural light is also abundant, although only when you open the windows, as they have been painted to be able to host light art exhibitions during the day.

The atelier is directed by Ignacio Chico


Ignacio Chico (Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 1986). He holds a degree in Visual Arts from the National University of Art and dedicates his artistic research to filiation. During  his formative years, he took specialization courses at Central Saint Martins in London, and at the School of Visual Arts and National Academy in New York. He studied at the art work review of Andrés Waissman and Ananke Asseff, was part of Gachi Prieto Gallery, PAC Project, and attended the AIR 3331 Arts Chiyoda residence in Tokyo. Among his individual exhibitions are "A Word on war", about the Falklands War, held during 2017, in Tokyo, and "Filiation Project", about his father, held in the same city. Among his group exhibitions he was part of the performance exhibition "El Centro en Movimiento" at the Kirchner Cultural Center, at the same time, he participated in "Inc. Escalera", at Galería HILO, and in "Ensayo, pruebo, insisto" at Panal 361. In 2018 he founded the Douzo Rocamora artistic experimentation space, which he directs, and in which he produces exhibitions: "Recursión", by Y.Kawamatsu and N.Yamamoto, "Displacement" by Noiser collective, among others. That same year under the auspices of the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Japan and the support of the National Museum of Oriental Art, he carried out for the first time a curatorial project, together with S.Uchima, entitled "Wasuremono" (lost objects - an exhibition of inherited family objects).

The space has 120 m2 roofed on the 2nd floor of a three-story building. The space has a main room of 95 m2, a deposit of 1m2 and another deposit of 8 m2. It is 4 meters 40 cm high, and has lighting tubes throughout its area. Access to space is only through a staircase of 56 steps.