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Espacio 404

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Espacio 404 is a place that promotes artistic experimentation and the confluence of people, creating networks and learning experiences around the art-technology crossing point, inviting artists who use different technological languages ​​to unfold their artistic research process to the public through experimental laboratories of electronic art.
Espacio 404 also acts as a producer of cultural activities such as the design and execution of exhibitions, as well as production of personal works, and project monitoring, which can range from the idea to the exhibition of the work.

The atelier is directed by Paula Guersenzvaig / Sebastián Pasquel


Paula Guersenzvaig

Is a research artist with training in science and technology (music, mathematics, programming and sound engineering). Her artistic research focuses on the exploration of sound, configuring interactive installations and the use of technological elements. She is a teacher at UNTREF and since 2015 she is the academic coordinator of the Master's program in Electronic Arts (UNTREF).


Sebastian Pasquel

 He is a visual artist and independent researcher. He is currently a teacher of the Master of Electronic Arts (UNTREF). He works as a visual creative in different education and art projects. Third place winner of the UNTREF Award for Electronic Arts at MUNTREF Visual Arts in 2016.


Sebastián and Paula have shown their works in various national and international exhibitions, and have obtained scholarships for artistic residency (V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam Holland) and ArtCenter South Florida (Miami, Fl)). They have also individually and jointly carried out works of curatorship, management, production and assembly of technological art in different spaces.


The space measures approximately 5m long by 4m wide, on a single level. It has 4 large windows, with natural light throughout the day, and several mobile work tables that can adapt to each need


Our space offers support and accompaniment in:

- artistic practices in crossroads with technology (sound, visual, lighting, electronics, programming, video, photography, robotics, AR, VR, mapping, etc.)

- art-work clinic

- curatorial projects

- assembly and exhibition design

- design of workshops 

- art-work texts

- local contacts in the art-technology scene

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