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Aletier is more than just a ceramic atelier; it's an experiment in learning. It's a sandbox—or a mudbox—where, through play, they seek to question the world and the ways of inhabiting it. They understand creation through fiction: art channeling its powers through the hands that mold the clay, methodology, and exploration, not of an absolute truth, but of questions that bring us closer to experiencing "plural truths."

Juanita Cañon & Gabriella Marulanda

Juanita and Gabriela propose an exploration of ceramics through possible sensitive and affective relationships with the world. That's why they open their creative space to those who are interested in transversalizing projects and creation processes that have ceramics as their starting material.


It's a house with several spaces dedicated to art, including a gallery space, several artist studios, a ceramics workshop open to the public, and a space equipped for relief printing and screen printing. Common areas include two gardens with seating areas, a front garage, and a kitchenette with a coffee maker and electric kettle.

The fundamental rules are always to leave the workspace clean after use, as well as the common areas and equipment, and always to respect everyone present in the workshop.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm.

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