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Malvón is a home and at the same time a meeting space. In the same workshops are given in person and online photography. In general, the groups are small, from 5 to 7 people. Work in bright and quiet environments. People circulate freely between the classroom/workshop and the patio.
Many plants and two dogs Almendra and Braco also live in the house.

The atelier is run by Grisel Filipini


Photographer, graduated from Andy Goldstein's Creative School with training in analog and digital photography. She specialized in portraits and street photography. She has been teaching photography for adolescents and adults for 11 years. She completed a diploma at the UBA "La cámara como herramienta de investigación social en la fotografía documental" She has pedagogical certification at the Middle and Higher Non-University Level. She coordinates and directs Espacio Malvón, a space for artistic and expressive training in photography.

Malvon has a lighting studio for photography: 2 400 flashes, umbrellas, softbox, beauty dish, saucepans, infinite black and white and colored backgrounds. tripods Canon 6d full frame digital camera. Various fixed and zoom lenses. Minolta analog camera. Notebook with solid disk with editing programs and digital development. Desktop PC with photoshop installed. Stereo, Scandinavian desk. Various books on photography, philosophy, history, essays.

It is an old house of 90 square meters type ph. With an open patio, full of plants. Lots of natural light and ventilation. The main classroom/workshop is 4 x 4 square meters. It has another smaller room of 4 x 3 meters. Large kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 large laundry room in which a black and white analog laboratory will be carried out.

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