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Espacio Punto y Aparte performs photographic activities. From digital photography to analog processes: for instance, developed in black and white material, copied and enlarged in black white, color negatives and slides developed (not color copies). Also, the making of photographic works using the infinite background (black color), the computer and projector.


The workshop has 35mm film cameras, developed black and white and color equipment, a computer, a projector, books. Under supervision: studio flash, analog medium format cameras, digital camera and trimmed full frame format, several lenses, transparencies scanner.


Espacio punto y Aparte is directed by Santiago Kimsa, who began to dabble in photography in 2000 as a means of expression so as to end up feeling photography as a way of life.

He Took courses with Silvia Fernández Pérez, Eduardo Garaglia, Hugo Gez, Don Rypka, Eduardo Gil, 

Dario Bathrobe, Emilse Neme among others.


He studied to be a Professional Photographer at Creative Photography School.

He makes projects as a freelance and custom work using different types of techniques: digital format, analog, medium format, developing and copying black and white and color slide, daguerreotype, digital jack. Since 2008, he teaches photography.


 Major exhibitions:

2011- Vicente el Absurdo Fonda Club, Palermo,CABA . Individual “Aurora y Leviatán”; 2010-Espacio GIESSO, San Telmo, CABA. Colectiva; Casa de la Provincia de San Juan, CABA.Colectiva; Plaza de Almas, San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán. Individual; “Por la carretera” C.C. Matienzo, CABA. Individual. “ Las Puerta de mi País”; Callecita de las artes, Villa General Belgrano, Córdoba. 2009-Colectiva; C.C. Borges, CABA. Colectiva; Facultad de Ciencias Sociales (UBA), CABA. 2007-Individual. “Transporte Público”: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales (UBA), CABA. 2002-Individual. “Imágenes de la Ruta 40”; Foro Social Mundial 2002, CABA



Study of 4x4 mts. High roof.


bathroom and patio.

Materials for digital and analogue photography and printing.


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