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Casa Belgrado is a house of artists that houses and develops various activities linked to the reflection, production and experimentation of performance, performing arts and their possible expansions, as well as sound art, multimedia and audiovisual art, embracing the interbreeds and new hybrid formats of Composition and presentation close to the idea of ​​postdiscipline.

It functions as a rehearsal room and various intensive seminars (yoga, improvisation in movement, structural tuning, poetics of memory, digital collage, among others) are developed.

Expanded Soundscapes:

In this laboratory, we will work on the voice as a continuation of movement and the movement of the voice, starting with breathing and movement exercises, distancing the voice from singing. Exploring unexpected, intense, and raw sounds. You will learn to build contact microphones, basic technology that allows us to amplify the sound of matter. We will construct touch-sensitive boards and explore the diversity of sounds that can arise from different textures. We will engage in listening practices, use graphic scores, and conclude the sessions by creating small sound pieces.

Performance Laboratory and Follow-up:

A tailor-made laboratory for each artist, where we will develop training that is functional to each investigation, helping each artist realize their own approach in their work. We will think and analyze the work and proposal of each individual on different levels, providing support for the creation of unique pieces with universal impact. Creating robust performances, assisting each artist in considering the variables at play, such as staging, lighting, and appropriate presentation for each process. We will work with affiliations and theoretical texts that provide a framework for each research.

The atelier is directed by María Heller.

Born and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she is a movement and sound artist, researcher, teacher, and producer. She completed a Specialization in Combined Artistic Languages at UNA. For around 20 years, she has practiced and researched Eastern body practices such as Yoga, Chi Kung, and Sama (Sufi whirling), which serve as a strong starting point for her works. Influenced by embodied musical cognition theory and deep listening (Pauline Oliveros), she explores expanded forms in the interpretation and improvisation for playing the Theremin and sound objects. She is a founding member of the project "Corpiños Luminosos" since 2011.

At Espacio Belgrado, she is the director and tutor for residencies in performance and live arts.

She was selected for the PAR residency at the Contemporary Art Space in Montevideo, directed by the artist Yann Marussich (Switzerland). She was invited to the Construction Demolition residency in Córdoba, Argentina. She was selected to participate in the Archi Piel Lago movement encounter in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the project "Co habitaciones: Laboratory for the creation of a movement and sound ensemble."

She conducted a residency with the Commons Choir in New York, directed by Daria Fäin and Robert Koick, collaborating on the performance "Rezound" at the Bric Audiovisual Center (2017). In 2015, as a Butoh dance performer, she collaborated under the direction of choreographer Katsura Kan (Japan) in works in Argentina and New York. She also collaborated with choreographer Rhea Volij in "Chaku, asalto al estar," supported by Pro Teatro. In 2014, she conducted a residency with choreographer and dancer Wilson Pico in Ecuador and with theater director Beatriz Camargo in Boyacá, Colombia.

Motivated by her research and training, she has traveled to India, Tibet, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Ecuador, Colombia, New York, and Montevideo. She has conducted workshops and presentations in each city she has visited, including Santiago de Chile, Valdivia, Valparaíso, Salta, Bariloche, Kyoto, Tokyo, Berlin, and Lima.



three rooms, 8x4m, 5x5,5m and 5x6m respectively, with parquet flooring and 6m high ceilings.

Uncovered terrace of 300m2. 

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