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Espacio Belgrado

Muralism |Theatre Installatión Performance Video Art |

Casa Belgrado is a house of artists that houses and develops various activities linked to the reflection, production and experimentation of performance, performing arts and their possible expansions, as well as sound art, multimedia and audiovisual art, embracing the interbreeds and new hybrid formats of Composition and presentation close to the idea of ​​postdiscipline.

It functions as a rehearsal room and various intensive seminars (yoga, improvisation in movement, structural tuning, poetics of memory, digital collage, among others) are developed.

It is home to the Archi-piel-lago Festival, Circuitos Integrados, ALP Performance Festival and the Territorio Abierto Festival.

Flor Firvida Martin (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Graduated in Choreographic Composition in Dance-Theater at UNA. Diploma in Cultural Management at DIPOC, UBA. He directs the Urban Experimentation Festival OPEN TERRITORY since 2011, a project focused on supporting and promoting artistic creation in urban spaces and reflection on art in context. Performer and researcher. It works at the crossing of disciplines: dance, performance, installation, audiovisual media and research in territory crossing methodologies of sociology and anthropology. It investigates for several years the urban intervention and diverse ways of operating in public space.


- Luis Oliveto (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Bachelor of Visual Arts UNA. Works between 2005-2015 as assistant of the Artist Rodolfo Sorondo as part of his murals workshop, realizing murals in technique of Catalan mosaic, Trencadis. Since 2011 develops and teaches classes in Jaton Mosaico workshop. He participated in a clinic in El Ojo Errante and in the course of theoretical production on contemporary art by the artist Pablo Siquier.


- Milena Rodriguez. Costa Rican dancer and choreographer. Since 2007, she has been directing rOSAVAL gASPARD pROJECTS, an itinerant platform for creative and scenic research. Under this name he has carried out creative projects in Cuba, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Austria, Spain and Colombia. His training in dance began at a very young age, at the professional level he graduated from the El Barco Conservatory in 2005 (CR) and continues his formal studies at the Salzburg Experimental Dance School in Austria until 2008.


- Gonzalo Córdova Lives and works between Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires Argentina. He works in the area of ​​production and cultural management. Since 2013, he has been directing "Casa Belgrado" in Buenos Aires, a place of artistic residences and a cultural center oriented mainly to the performing arts, always wanting to promote dialogue and cross-disciplinary arts, promoting exhibitions, workshops, meetings, festivals and other activities .



three rooms, 8x4m, 5x5,5m and 5x6m respectively, with parquet flooring and 6m high ceilings.

Uncovered terrace of 300m2. 

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