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Alejandro Salcedo Studio 

| Sculpture | Painting | Installation | Site-Specific

It's a residency space where workshops in painting, ceramics, and screen printing are held with various artists.

Alejandro Salcedo:

Alejandro Salcedo is a graduate of the National University of Colombia with an MA in Fine Arts and a Masters in Research and Arts Practice from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. He has participated in collective and solo exhibitions in various spaces such as Galería Casas Riegner, Espacio el Dorado, Espacio Más Allá, and the Museum of Art in Pereira. In 2023, he was nominated for the XII Luis Caballero Prize with the exhibition Minuta.


It is a 110-square-meter space in a 1930s building in the Teusaquillo neighborhood. Bright and pleasant, easy to adapt to different needs, it has served as a workshop for collective painting with Japipainting, as an individual studio for several artists, and as a project office for the XII Luis Caballero Prize in 2023, for the hand-painted clothing project Holística Yatul.

It's a mixed space, combining living quarters with a studio/workshop. The atelier use is free, but materials that can coexist with a household kitchen need to be managed.

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm

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