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Eulogia Merle Studio

Eulogia's workshop is ideal to work and be inspired within a warm and very personal environment, which she has built over 20 years. In this large space, in addition to painting or drawing, there will be no shortage of talks about art, movements and life itself.  
Techniques: Painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, performance, video art, sound art, photography..

Diaphanous warehouse of 150 square meters with different spaces separated by large wooden panels. A table to work on, the workshop of her youngest son, a very large open-plan place, and a more secluded one of about 40 meters with wooden floors and lower ceilings dedicated to working paper. It is all on one floor. Very high ceilings of 5 meters in the main nave and with natural light.

Ideal space to work on drawing, Chinese ink, watercolor, pencils, digital retouching, Photoshop, etc. Acrylic and oil paint. Constructions with wood.

Eulogia Merle is an artist, illustrator, and cultural activist. Born in Argentina, she has lived in Madrid for 20 years. She has a great career as an illustrator in the press such as El País and La Nación.

She carries out her personal work in her home-workshop in the Usera neighborhood, on the outskirts of Madrid. A laboratory of artistic practices in harmony with parenting. Exploring artistic development from a gender perspective. Play, miscegenation, experimentation, construction and the "shanty" of a life in constant construction are the backbones where the spirit of this workshop is located.


- Miter saw
- Jigsaw
- Electric screwdriver
- Hand tools for wood

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