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(experiencia) HIEDRA is a contemporary space for experimentation and dialogue, a platform to generate narratives of artistic and curatorial creation and research, socially and politically committed.


(experiencia) HIEDRA seeks to generate a receptive and critical environment that, like ivy, spreads and expands.


(experiencia) HIEDRA is only possible as a meeting point within and for the community. Since 2015 in the neighborhood of Chacarita we have been developing a critical artistic-curatorial practice. Mainly the programming is based on: - Curatorial projects of a month of duration. - Curatorial scenes, - Curatorial Investigative Practice (residences). - Talks and workshops. - We have a curatorial library for public consultation by appointment.

In August of 2015 we inaugurated (experiencia)HIEDRA in the neighborhood of Chacarita. Among the most outstanding activities of these almost two years we have the visit of Pedro Lasch, curator and Mexican artist residing in the United States and professor of the University of Duke and with Larry Bogard, political performer and professor of the University of California. We also visited artists under the Errasmus Mundus de-education program of the Etcétera Group.

In 2017 we will continue our collaboration with the Errasmus Mundus program through the teaching of Errant Teachers workshops. In the same line we realized the "Curatorial Dinners (experience) BIENNIAL", in which several artists, curators and researchers related their steps and experiences for biennials. We have the presence of Luis Felipe Noé, Ana Gallardo, Tomás Espina, Etcétera Group and Renata Cervetto (MALBA). In 2017 we will resume this activity with the participation of curators of the contemporary Argentine scene.

For our anniversary, we realized the curatorial project based on the performance of "augusto Zaquetti" that combined darkness, which combined installation, performance, dance and community meals. We also carried out the curatorial project "Gabinete de las Maravillas Populares", which sought to analyze the uses and appropriations of the Public Space in Chacarita, in the Buenos Aires suburbs of La Conu and in Tucumán. We are currently developing the "Curatorial Investigative Practice" residence. This residence builds its bases on three axes: practice, research and publication. The objective is to generate a contextual research curatorial dialogue that fosters the development of critical thinking about contemporaneity.



  • Space adequate for research and curatorial practices


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