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Painting Sculpture Drawing |

Workshop specialized in sculpture. It is located in a house / workshop where other artists work in different spaces.


The atelier has a drill, a jigsaw, a sander, a grinder, dremel type lathes, saws, walruses, hammers, spatulas, tongs, chisels, presses.


Hernán Rojo is a professor and  graduated in visual arts (ENBAPP and IUNA) who studied at Pablo Siquier studio.

In 1999 he lived in many European Countries, working at  community-based experiences of drama in Wuppertal, Germany.


Since 2002, he  performs solo and group exhibitions of his works in different spaces like the Castagnino Museum in Rosario, the Borges Cultural Center, Recoleta Center and in different galleries of Buenos Aires and the interior.


In 2013 he held his first solo exhibition abroad at the Argentine Galerie of Paris.

He works as a teacher in the IUNA, Centro Cultural Rojas and in private workshops.




Study of 4x4 mts. High roof


Bathroom, patio

Materials for photography and digital and analog printing. 


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