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Ink Delicius

Printmaking Painting Drawing Urban Art

ink DELICIUS is the studio of the artist Luis Sanz, a multi-functional space where is possible to work on drawing, collage, paintings, and graphics without acids. The studio has all the things that are necessary to develop plastic works.


Luis Sanz (Madrid 1976) started in 1996 with his first exhibition at Brita Prinz Gallery in Madrid. During the last fifteen years, his work has been exhibited uninterruptedly in galleries all over Spain, fairs, and events with a national projection like Art Room Fair. His work is also included in museums and collections like Fundación Juan March of Madrid or the Museo Antonio Lopez Torres in Ciudad Real, Fundación CIEC or the National Museum of Taipei (Taiwan)

His work is a sensual and detailed investigation of the surrounding reality, where the anecdotic is the nucleus of aesthetic experience in which optimism, adventure and vitality are the main highlights. Since 2003, Luis Sanz has enriched his graphic and painting work with conceptual interventions and installations like “Alteraciones, intervención en Pamplona y Madrid” (2003), and “Eclosión - Expansión” from the installation “Universo post Nefrectomización”, exhibited in C.S.A Tabacalera, Madrid (2011).



  • Studio 35 m²

  • Bathroom and kitchen

  • Terrace

  • Specific materials: acrylic painting, etching Inks and markers

  • A press for graphics without acids.

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