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La Zineteca

| Sculpture | Painting | Installation | Site-Specific

The Zineteca is an archive space that hosts three collections of zines [La Maleta fanzinera, project Narración gráfica, and the archive (Zineteca)] containing over 8,000 national and international titles. It has 5 private spaces and two public ones (200 m²), including a consultation area and a workspace where seminars, exhibitions, and meetings take place: drawing evenings, painting, zines, etc. It offers printing services, a mobile types atelier, and artists specialized in graphics (comics, zines) and screen printing with a focus on plastic arts (painting, installation). On the second level, there is a kitchen for residents and bathroom facilities. It is located in the San Felipe neighborhood, close to galleries, cultural spaces, and leisure venues.

Andrés Frix:

Andrés Frix Bustamante holds a Master's degree in Plastic, Electronic, and Time Arts from the University of the Andes and is a visual artist from the Superior Academy of Arts of Bogotá, Francisco José de Caldas District University. He combines plastic and editorial creation with teaching and project management. He is the co-creator of Ramona proyectos-Espacio 101 and the manager-director of the C-zine festival. He currently works on the 101LAB project (the Zineteca). His various Projects for the Circulation of Plastic and/or Visual Arts in Bogotá have been awarded by the District Incentive Program of the District Secretary of Culture, Recreation, and Sport and the Ministry of Culture for his management and curatorial development. He has developed dissemination projects with self-managed spaces in different national contexts and in venues in Mexico, France, Spain, Peru, Italy, Argentina, and Germany.


The atelier is generally open during business hours from 8 am to 6 pm, depending on the project or activity. The consultation center and the atelier will be open for personal research; it's a workspace, and unscheduled activities are not allowed. The resident will have a copy of the key to access scheduled hours focused on their project. Cleanliness and order are necessary for the coordination of their production and coexistence with other workspaces. Each space is equipped with tables and chairs, as well as projection and audio equipment (computer not included).

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