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La Industrial FAB

Multidisciplinary nature space where coexist technologies from a manufacturing laboratory with art/craft-related jobs are applied to all kinds of developments.
Techniques: Painting, drawing, printmaking, installation, performance, sculpture, sound/video-related arts, photography, ceramics and glass. 

It involves an open-plan space at street level with direct access to vehicles. From an 800 m2 total surface, the working area for residents means around 480 m2. Besides this, storage and resting areas, WC, and access for reduced mobility persons are available.
The maximum height of the space is 3.5 m. Although large windows provide natural light, there is powerful artificial light for all kinds of activities.

All kind of artistic output is developed: ceramic potter’s wheel, casting, artistic molding, printmaking, engobes…, glass, painting, sculpture on various substrates —resin, silicone, etc— manual and machine processes such as 3D-printing, wood processing machinery, CNC, LASER cutting machine, thermoforming, die forming, ceramic 3D-printing. Sequential lighting design, static image designs combined with sound designs and acoustic parameters modification, motorization, kinetic sculptures, sound sculptures

La Industrial’s Managing Director, Javier Tejado Mata, owns a Telecom Engineer Degree (Image & Sound specialty) from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and holds an Architectural Acoustic and Environmental Master Degree, Design and Digital Production Master Degree, and Ph.D. in Advanced Techniques for Building (Architecture School).

For the latest 15 years associate professor at several Universities (Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) giving lessons at Telecom Technical Engineer. Besides this, he has been a post-grade professor providing lessons, workshops, and lectures at different Master's Degrees: Máster de Climatización (UEM), Máster Universitario en Sostenibilidad y Rehabilitación Energética (Arquitectura, UEM), Máster de Técnicas Avanzadas en Proyectos Arquitectónicos (Arquitectura, UEM), Máster Universitario de Edificación Eficiente y Rehabilitación Energética y Medioambiental (Arquitectura, UEM).


He is a passionate researcher of connections among Arts, Sciences, Technology, and Design working with multiple methodologies and materials (from traditional ones like glass, wood, or ceramics… to resins and polymers) by using and interacting technology (robots, 3D-printing, numeric control machines, LASER cutting, and embossing, etc) with more traditional techniques for design generation and artistic works for artists and designers wishing to explore such techniques for expressing themselves.

He has worked and cooperated in different engineering, design, and art projects for Teatro Real, Grupo Atresmedia (Onda Cero, Antena Tres Televisión, etc.), Radio Nacional de España, DiverXO, StreetXO, Factum Arte, Bosch among others.


- Potter’s Wheel
- Laminators

- You can buy the materials

- 5 ovens

- Wifi 

specific tools for cutting wood and steel

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