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La Lavandería

Painting Drawing Printmaking Silkscreen
Installation Ceramics | Performance

La Lavandería has equipment for Engraving, Serigraphy, Ceramics and pictorial techniques. It’s very spacious, comfortable and quiet, and has a large patio for private use.


It also has a warehouse of 150 m2 and a garden of 400 m2, which includes an exhibition space of 15 m2. It is located in the district of Lavapiés, in an area of great cultural activity: next to La Tabacalera, La Casa Encendida and very close to Dr. Fourquet Street and the National Museum of Art Reina Sofía.

The members of La Lavandería are the artist Raquel de Prada, watercolorist and engraver, founder of the Book Fair of Artist Masquelibros, and Manuel Prados, artist and cultural producer that deals with areas such as archeology, history, visual culture and music through Audiovisual works, research, interventions or staging, in collaboration with various authors.



  • Warehouse 150 m²

  • Garden 400m²

  • Exhibition space

  • Printer

  • Ovens and electric potter’s wheel for ceramics

  • Silkscreen tables

  • Bathtub with a pressure gun


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