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Here we share the updates of R.A.R.O. In the first strip you will find the records of the artists of the second date of 2024. Then what happened in the previous editions and the records of the final samples of the artists that we received in the past dates.

If you click on the photos you can view them large accompanied by a short explanation.

The second date of artist residencies began in April with the arrival of eight artists: Agustina Margotta Lizárraga (Chile), Alejandra Alarcón Torres (Colombia), Andrea Fürst (Germany), Eleonora Signorini (Italy), Felipe Patarroyo Devia (Colombia), Loreto Corisco (Spain), Sofía Papi (Argentina), and Tjorven Bertolatus (Germany). The invited curator for this occasion is Ana Volonté (Argentina).

During their stay, the artists are working in different ateliers in various neighborhoods of the city, including Castillo, Sabina Tiemroth, Imagen Invertida, Hernan Rojo, Malvón, Acoyte, Baro, Gustavo Amenedo, La Pileta, Pólvora, Dibago, Palmira, Paz Soldan, and Roberto Rey.

The first date of the 2024 residencies began in February. We had the presence of Damien Malard (France), Heather Ryan (United States), Irene Wassner (Mexico), Juan Cristóbal Sánchez (Ecuador), and María Urra Díez (Spain). Tania Puente was the invitated curator.

The ateliers of Roberto Rey, María Heller, Pablo Insurralde, Baro, Malvón, Palmira Estudios, Planta Alta, Terciopelo Negro, and Imagen Invertida welcomed the group of artists and accompanied them in their creative processes.

The final exhibition, "Lo que muta,vive," took place at La Tomada on March 9, 2024.

The fifth date of the 2023 residencies began in October. We were joined by Lorena Torres (Colombia), Desa Philippi (London), Sarah Louise Bielenberg (Denmark), Wesley Erickson (USA), and Dominga Mery (Chile). Caro Cuervo was responsible for the curation.

At Baro, Gustavo Amenedo, María Heller, Palmira, Imagen Invertida, TAC, Castillo, and Pólvora, the group of artists was able to experiment with techniques, exchange ideas, and work throughout the month.

Our final exhibition, "Poetics of Existence," took place at Espacio Acoyte.