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New R.A.R.O. section :: LATEST NEWS

Here we share the updates of R.A.R.O. In the first strip you will find the records of the artists of the first date of 2023. Then what happened in the previous editions and the records of the final samples of the artists that we received in 2022.

If you click on the photos you can view them large accompanied by a short explanation so you know what is happening.

We started the year with 5 artists for the first date of 2023. On this occasion we were joined by: Lourdes Rodriguez (Chile) who will go through the Palmira and Polvora ateliers; Denise Koziura (Argentina) will go through Inverted Image and Palmira; Francisco Galarraga (Ecuador) will work in Camargo, Magma and Polvora; Garrett Gilbart (Canada) will be developing his project at Tac and Palmira & Ilana Winderick (Switzerland) who was the winning artist of the half scholarship, will work at La Borda y Baró. The final exhibition was at Palmira Estudios.

We share photos of our meetings, the processes of each artist, our outings, #rarovisita For more info >>>> @raro_buenosaires



On our last Residency of this year we had the pleasure of having a team of 12 residents. On this occasion we received: Andi García Roque @muy.rarita; Andrés Ilowasky Ganchala Cáceres @ilowaskyganchala; Antonia Lara Gómez @antonia.lara.g ;Carolina Bonsi @c.bonsi ; Charisia Chatz @charisiachatz ; Gabriela Piserchia @gabipiserchia ; María Luiza Amorim @marialamorim ; María Paula Escobar @mariamausolea ; Mariana Renthel @m_rthl ; Nicolas franco zamudio @nicfrazam ; Valentina Galvez @valelinda__  & Louis Cornelis @cornelis_louis. We share photos of our meetings, the processes of each artist, our outings, #rarovisita & how was the final exhibition in Espacio Acoyte.  For more, please check >>>> @raro_buenosaires