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New R.A.R.O. section :: LATEST NEWS

Here we share the updates of R.A.R.O. In the first strip you will find the records of the artists of the first date of 2023. Then what happened in the previous editions and the records of the final samples of the artists that we received in 2022.

If you click on the photos you can view them large accompanied by a short explanation so you know what is happening.

In the end of July we held a talk where Lina Ángel (Director of R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires), Juan Manuel Parra (former resident of R.A.R.O.), and Andrés Matías Pinilla (Collaborator of R.A.R.O. in Bogotá) participated. During the event, we shared the experiences of the 8 years of the program and our intention to continue building networks in Bogotá.

The third residency of the year began in June and those who participated in the R.A.R.O. on this occasion were: Angela Torrejón (Peru); Augusta Lecaros Solar (Chile); Camila Püschel (Chile); Matías San Martín Jacob (Chile) & Starly Lou Riggs (USA). For the curatorial accompaniment we had Guadalupe Creche. Independent art curator. She develops her curatorial practice and research with a transfeminist perspective, interested in non-canonical, peripheral and queer stories. She accompanies the work of artists who work with a critical look at hegemonic discourses, and collaborates with legacies of artists from the north of the country.

The atelierss where the residents were able to creat, work and exchange experiences were Polvora, Tacuru, Taller de Josefina Goñi, Casa Taller La Borda, Imagen Invertida, TAC & Palmira.

The final residency show took place at BSM. On Saturday 07.08.2023. BSM Art Building is an old restored factory that works as a creative powerhouse to give artists a space to work in an environment of tranquility and security, offering them the possibility of being nourished by group interaction.

On May 6, 2023, we inaugurated 'Entre tu casa y la mía', the second exhibition of the year by R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires, in cheLA, Latin American Experimental Hypermedia Center.
'Entre tu casa y la mia' brought together the works and research of María Fernanda Graciano Gómez (Colombia/Argentina), Ernestina Pisarello (Argentina), Pauline Köhlen (Germany), Aura Yáñez (Chile), Masha Avriskina (Russia), Jenny Contreras (Colombia ), Oscar Andrez Olmos Guillen (Bolivia) and Carolina Cuervo (Argentina), artists who participated in the residency program during April and May. The itinerant proposal of R.A.R.O. allowed that during this time the eight worked alongside different local artists in their studios in Buenos Aires.
We had Melisa Mara Boratyn, who has carried out a curatorial accompaniment of the creative process of the artists during this time.