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New R.A.R.O. section :: LATEST NEWS

Welcome to our new page where we will share the R.A.R.A.s updates. In the first strip you will find the records of the artists of the current date, which is the fourth of 2022. Then what happened in the previous editions and the records of the three final samples of the artists that we already received this year.

If you click on the photos you can view them large accompanied by a short explanation so you know what is happening

On our last Residency of this year we have the pleasure of having a team of 12 residents. On this occasion we will be joined by:Andi García Roque @muy.rarita; Andrés Ilowasky Ganchala Cáceres @ilowaskyganchala; Antonia Lara Gómez @antonia.lara.g ;Carolina Bonsi @c.bonsi ; Charisia Chatz @charisiachatz ; Gabriela Piserchia @gabipiserchia ; María Luiza Amorim @marialamorim ; María Paula Escobar @mariamausolea ; Mariana Renthel @m_rthl ; Nicolas franco zamudio @nicfrazam ; Valentina Galvez @valelinda__ .  Les compartimos fotos de nuestras reuniones, los procesos de cada artista, nuestras salidas y #rarovisita. Para más info >>>> @raro_buenosaires 

Fourth residence of the year, this time we are receiving Angélia Bibiana (Colombia) @angelica_bibiana.rt, Jasna Iwan (Poland) @arthered & Massiel del Mar (Chile) @massieldelmar. Jasna began her residency at T.A.C @artecontinuo together with @yasserquezadacastillo, Angelica at Espacio Belgrado @espaciobelgrado together with @mariafheller and Massiel virtually working with @jenzapatagarcia, curator of this date and since September 14 she continues in person at Tacurú @ ____tacurutextil together with Silvina Romero. Here we are sharing photos of our meetings, the processes of each artist, our museum visits and #rarovisita. For more info >>>> @raro_buenosaires

Memories of our residence of 2022 with Elena Hohlberg(Chile) @elenaho_, Javier Rodríguez(Argentina, Tucumán) @huoket & Rocio Barboza (Argentina, Salta) @rociombarzola in R.A.R.O. Our welcome meeting, which was at Palmira Estudios. Artists working in the ateliers and our ourvisits #rarovisita by exhibitions and museums of CABA. + Records of the exhibition "Cosas que te encuentran" in Espacio Camargo @espaciocamargo. Curated by Gelen Marquez Silva @gelenmarquez.

What do they talk about R.A.R.O out there?


Images of our second exhibition of the year "Incandescencias" that was in Palmira Estudio @palmira.estudios. The artists who were exhibiting on this occasion were Lucas León, Daniel Valencia Cossio, Sofía Sandoval & Julián Mallo. Curated by Eugenia Hernández @eugeniahernandez_

We also have the presence of Chebo Roitter @cheboroitter as a DJ who was playing music in the patio.

Ph: Bruna Castra, Rosangie Chirino & Rocio Colman


Images from the opening of "Permutaciones Leves" our first exhibition of 2022 at @espaciobelgrado

With great happiness we share something fromthat Wednesday's record. A great night where we shared the results of the residences of Federico Reyes @fede.reyes.mesa , Sofia Pino @sofiapinobrenning , Sofia Sartori @sartorisophiaa and Maria Paula Garcia @emepejotaa

"Permutaciones Leves" was curated by Celina Marco @celina.marvisual

Ph: bruna castra