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La Tolier

Painting Drawing Installation Performance
Video Art Photography 

Charming place from the 50’s located in the Usera neighbourhood. Plenty of natural light and a lot of space due to its 4 meters-high ceilings (7.5 meters at the maximum point). It has 140 square meters at street level plus another 35 square meters at its open mezzanine level. This space is shared by four painters and sculptors. It is an excellent place for photographers who need to practice shooting (possibility for flashes and white backgrounds). Open to all kind of disciplines, its dynamics is the one you can expect from a very nice and study-driven studio

This formerly mechanic workshop, rehabilitated to generate a new studio to be shared by artists, was created from an idea by Baptiste Laurent, a French painter born in 1980. He worked and lived in Paris till 2007 when he moved to Madrid.


- 140+ m²

- Natural light

- Availability of tools for frames and wooden furniture assembly

- Screen and overhead projector

- Sound equipment

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