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Madrid Stree Art Project

Urban Art

Founded in October of 2012 by Guillermo de la Madrid and Diana Prieto, Madrid Street Art Project was born with the aim of supporting, diffusing and promoting urban art, starting from the Madrid scene but with national and international pretensions. To this end, since its birth and throughout these four years, MSAP has generated and organized different types of activities and projects, always within the field of street art, involving not only artists and other agents related to it, but also to all types of public interested in this artistic discipline. Among these activities are the conceptualization and organization of festivals and other artistic intervention events in public spaces, such as Muros Tabacalera, C.A.L.L.E. Or Zero Line; urban safaris or tours guided by different areas of the city visiting artistic interventions in the street; workshops with artists for all audiences and ages on different techniques and themes related to urban art.

On the other hand, it manages its own web page and its profiles in social networks, which allows it to carry out an exhaustive work of documentation and dissemination of urban art done mainly in the city of Madrid, as well as everything related to street art.

Madrid Street Art Project collaborates closely with the different agents directly and indirectly related to urban art in the city of Madrid: artists, curators, gallerists, documenters, researchers, journalists, institutions and other groups and independent initiatives. Throughout the year it is involved in projects of artistic interventions in the public space.

This group will give direct contact with these agents and therefore a deep immersion in the scene. In addition, it offers the possibility to participate in their projects and the availability of finding places to make artistic interventions in the public space.

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