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Open Call February 2023

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R.A.R.O. Madrid open call for national and international artists who want to take up residence in any of our studios between 10th February and 10th of March 2023. 
Residences are at least 4 weeks to be held in at least two (2) studios.

 Deadline: 1st December 2022 

Those interested should apply following the instructions below:

1. Choose where you want to develop your project

2. Keep in mind that residencies are 1 month long and they have to take place in a minimum of 2 studios.

3. Fill out the

4. Take into account that each studio manages its schedules differently.

5. R.A.R.O.'s team and our studios will do a selection process, defining times and arrangements for your project.



1- You must choose 2 studios for stays of at least 4 weeks. If you have doubts about any studio you can consult us and we will advise you so that you can choose the most suitable one for you and your project. 

2- The residencies have a cost, which will depend on the studios you choose and the length of your residence. At this time, we do not offer scholarships but we can help you find funding.

3-  The cost of the residency is distributed equitably among all the parties that make up the project: artists from the studios, an audiovisual record, support at all times, coordination of activities and meetings with cultural agents, and dissemination of your project. 

4- The objective of R.A.R.O. is to provide a space for horizontal dialogue and exchange of experiences and knowledge between artists from different places, disciplines, and experiences. We aim to expand our vision of contemporary artistic practices and promote collaborative work.



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