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Paola Sierra

Paola Sierra (Bogotá / Colombia)

Paola Sierra is an artist and educator. In 2015 she participated in an R.A.R.O. Residency  where she carried out and exhibited her project "Apparently unimportant thing”, a photographic compilation of her time in Buenos Aires for more than 8 years. For the materialization of her project she worked at photographic atelier Espacio Punto Aparte with the accompaniment of Santiago Kimsa and by the end of her residency she showed her work alongside that of Gaspar Núñez and other artists at Caffarena 86.


I saw myself closing my eyes:

Space, space where I am and I am not.

Octavio Paz


 Things that apparently don’t matter cross the moments. Objects, people, environments and situations appear to build the reality we inhabit.

Still, captured image shapes the sense of what I am and what I inhabit

In a specific place, a city is the backdrop of the set of all things that are and exist in time, it’s the memory of what the body witnessed. A vain and unimportant memory, but that undoubtedly constitutes what it means to have been present. I do not think we all stop at the same observations of space, I do not think we all go through objects, situations, people, visions in the same way and are therefore those different modes of uniqueness.

 Each moment and each space captured is the node of a network of memories, which in turn is part of something larger that I can’t yet delimit. I propose then to reflect on how it is customary to count the time lived, on the future and the past as well, but it seems that the present is blurred and those things that apparently don’t matter are left aside.

 This particular file ends up being the memory of a place "that does not belong to me" however, I don’t stop questioning this definition and asking myself, which place really belongs to me? It is our outlook and our experience, our way of traveling, what makes us part of a place or not, therefore, the space and the file relieved claim otherness.

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