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Parpado Studio

Video ArtPhotography

Parpado Studio is the joint effort of Teresa Esparza and Natalia Pontaque.


Natalia Pontaque has an honors degree in Audio-visual Communication by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. She also attended script courses at the San Jorge University of Zaragoza. She has worked as a graphic designer, video freelance and is currently managing Communication aspects at a transnational company.


Teresa Esparza has an honors degree in Audio-visual Communication by the Complutense University of Madrid being devoted since that moment to the audio-visual and photographic world. She has directed corporate videos, interviews, institutional and produce documentaries. She is currently managing an online webzine of art and acts as curator, with Spaghetti Vernissage, for group exhibitions in Madrid.

By 2017 they decide to join their respective audio-visual interests into a new entrepreneurial adventure: Párpado Studio. An enterprise specialized in the generation of creative videos focused on manual effects. They create corporate videos for corporations, advertisement campaigns, videos-clips, and their own productions.  


The 50 square meters space might be used for the recording of corporate videos, video-clips, video-art, handmade videos, interviews, making-off, and documentaries in both inside and outside scenarios. It is possible to handle technical materials for lighting and light calibration, Photoshop edition, Premiere edition, chroma integration and 2-d animation including After Effects

Parpado Studio has participated in the following residences:



  • 50 m2

  • Natural light

  • Three spotlights for illumination

  • Desktop PC for photo edition

  • Adobe programs

  • Backgrounds and Chroma

  • Panasonic camera GH4: Full HD and 4K, 16/9 and 4/3 recording

  • Tripod for video.

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