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Pólvora 720

| Installation Site SpecificPerformance Video Art | Painting |  

Polvora,  is a multidisciplinary space located in the neighborhood of San Telmo.

The workshop is a pleasant and inspiring space. It is a meeting place with artists from other disciplines, immersed in a sector of the city's artistic circuit.


Artists that integrate the space:

Nadia Martinovich @nmartybch

Painting, drawing, installation, basic woodworking.

Iván Enquin @ivanenquin

Openwork with materials: paper, different plastics. installation, shibari

Julian Matta @julianmatta

Realization but above all video editing, sculpture with material experimentation, video installation, specific site, painting.

Alfio Demestre @alfiodemestre

Assistance and monitoring of projects, drawing, painting, sculpture, 3D printing, electronics applied to art.

Eugenia Hernandez @eugeniahernandez_

Painting, installation, digital image.

Hernan Kacew @hernankacew

Video, photography, collage, visual research.

Gaspar Acebo @gasparacebo

Drawing, photography, specific site, accompaniments and monitoring of creative processes.

Ernesto Alli @ernestojulioalli

Painting, drawing, sculpture, objects and performance.

Lucas Rimsky @lukasazul96
Painting, collage, graffiti, muralism.
Agustina Puricelli @aguspuricelliTraditional and experimental photography, developing and copying methods.


The space has a stairway entrance to the first floor, it has two covered floors and a terrace. On the first floor there is an entrance hall, the exhibition room and multiple uses in front of 7.50 x 4.80 meters and the main workshop space of 21 x 10 meters with 7 meter ceilings this room has no divisions doors or walls work in a large shared space. The second floor has a common area, bathroom, kitchen and other workshop spaces of 7.50 x 4.80 meters. The third is the terrace. It is located a few blocks from the historic center of Buenos Aires and at the same time very close to the financial center. Within a 10-block radius there are multiple bookstores, paint stores, hardware stores, fairs and antique shops, as well as many public means of transportation throughout the city.


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