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In response to the current globalized quarantine produced  by COVID-19, R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires has decided to open the game and once again share its entire extraordinary network, only this time virtually. The R.A.R.O. en Red Program is designed for artists who are in a training process and who want to delve both technically and conceptually into their work, review texts and statements, apply for scholarships/grants and have advice from the R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires team, as well as advice from artists who are part of the network and who are also of their particular interest, due to the language they work with or for any reasons they want to explore. Those interested will have the possibility to choose up to 2 of the spaces of the R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires network with which online meetings will be coordinated.

R.A.R.O. en Red stipulates a total of 5 meetings, one per week, for full follow-up and support of the participants.

How to apply?

1. Meet and choose 2 ateliers from the R.A.R.O network in Buenos Aires with whom you would like to have a virtual follow-up + 1 guest for a theoretical view of your work.

2. Send a single PDF file with the following information to :

- Personal information.
- Brief bio
- Specify which of the four options you would like to work more thoroughly: Analysis of work,
technique, paratextual texts and scholarships/grants. If you are interested in an option not listed here, you can write it too.
- Specify the 2 Ateliers of the R.A.R.O. network you have selected to follow up your work
- Specify the selected guest to provide a theoretical view of your work.
- Up to 10 images of your work / In case of videos send link with passwords (if required).

3. Once your application has been received and the payment made, we will meet you online
to start working!


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