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Sala de Máquinas

Painting Drawing | Installation Performance 
Sculpture | Video Art | Sound Art | Photography 
|Textile | Dance | Scenography

Sala de Máquinas is considered an action place, where Art and Materialization of Ideas are key. Its pillars are Art —as vital feeding— Learning —as a creative act— and Communication. It is a 500 m2 space in downtown Madrid’s Argüelles quarter which is split in customized, capable and inspiring rooms for creativity. Its offer includes Communication and Arts workshops, lectures, events, filming shooting and performances. 

Ángeles García Martín is one of the persons handling this space. Architect, scenographer for dance and music performances and takes care of the selection of exhibitions, the creative processes for events handled, the workshops dynamization and understanding of learning. Besides her, 3 other artists work in the space, two related to textiles and a milliner.


- 500 m2

- Basic tools

- All kind of furniture

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