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The screen printing workshop is located within the Self-Managed Social Center La Tabacalera. Tabacalera's silkscreen workshop is part of the "Área Táctica " space, which it shares with three other workshops: painting, sewing, and analog photography. They share a common physical space but do not hinder any of the workings of each workshop. The screen-printing workshop has its own workspace, quite broad in a post-industrial atmosphere, similar to post-industrial buildings in Berlin in the 1990s used as studios or art galleries.

Julio Cubillos is in charge of this space. He is a creative artist, with a degree in Design. Lover of Street Art. He has exhibited in heterogeneous artistic exhibitions, emphasizing: Mulafest 2015 with personal work; As a serigraphic technician under the signature of other artists, in ARCO 2016 (A. Marote / Lafabrica) Arts Santa Monica Barcelona 2016 (A.Marote) He realizes commissions, personal work and manual serigraphic experiments in both small and large formats.


  • Two works area: textile and paper.

  • Darkroom.

  • Bathtub with a pressure gun.

  • Specific materials and tools.


Buenos Aires