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TACURU is a space where technical textiles practices are taught and where projects that revolve around the making of textile production are tracked. Also, objects design and jewelery are made.

The workshop has a sewing machine, scissors, needles, threads, lathe, brackets, racks and a Knittax hand weaver.


Tacurú is run by Silvina Romero, who works between  the fine line that divides art and design  exploring the connection and divergence points. She  develops portable textile sculptures, jewelry, sculpture and installations. Generally, she starts  from  collected and reused textile materials. She studied Fashion Design at the U.B.A. and attended several seminars with renowned national and international jewelers

Main Exhibitions


Solo exhibition in at Jardín Oculto Gallery  (2011) and at  Rojas Cultural Center (2013).

She had multiple exhibitions at Gachi Prieto Gallery (2010 & 2012); at The Open Studio Art  at Studio BSM-Building (2012), at Recoleta´s Arts Center (2012) and at Popular Art Museum José Hernández and at Malba (2005, 2010 & 2013). She was invited to participate in several exhibitions in Holland (2006), Japan (2007), Canada (2007), Mexico (2010, 2011 & 2013), United States (Museum of Arts and Design of New York, 2010 and 

Bellevue Arts Museum, Washington , 2011), Norway (2012) and Estonia (2013). Her  works are part of contemporary jewelry books published in Spain, Germany and England.


Since 2008, she teaches at textile testing seminars and workshops and monitors all the projects that are held in her workshop and in all the different venues where she was invited,  as the National Endowment for the Arts, Technopolis, the Argentinian Textile Art Centre and Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre.



Two rooms separated by 4,5x5 mts.


Patio 8x5 mts.

Various textile materials

Days of operation:

Monday to Friday


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