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Taller Alvaro Cabrejo

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This atelier primarily operates as an archive, repository, and/or collection (both documentary and fictional) of materials and devices that produce or have been part of Álvaro's artistic practice. The space adapts according to the needs of each project, meaning it can be transformed in a makeshift manner (constructed with whatever is at hand) according to the requirements expressed by each project. It has served as an experimental laboratory for both classical and unprecedented techniques in painting, graphics, and installation, as well as a recording studio for sound and video. It is located on the fourth floor of a residential neighborhood house, adjacent to a micro-artisanal factory of traditional sweets. Situated in the southwest of Bogotá in the La Libertad neighborhood (Bosa), a working-class and peripheral area that provides access to a variety of raw materials such as woods, metals, plastics, glass, among other construction materials; ateliers for welding, mechanics, tailoring, etc.

Alvaro Cabrejo: 

Alvaro Cabrejo Torres is a Colombian artist who develops his artistic practice in transmedia hybridizations of video, performance, installation, graphics, costume construction, and editorial production. He proposes forms of critical appropriation of methodologies from experimental archaeology, historiography, and moving image to shape a plastic-making-thinking. This intersects with an exploration of the boundaries between the documentary and the fictional; the factual and the imaginary; recording and contemplation, in a grammatical approach he calls "interfiction." Proposing acts of recognition, re-creation, and re-foundation in poetic operations based on expanded notions of montage and performativity. He has held exhibitions, screenings, interventions in public spaces, and participated in the LEP of the Waja Cultural Foundation since 2015. Among these, the following stand out: "INTERFICTION" (2023). Tranquilandia; "Reactor Coloide or Fragua de Trópico" (2023). Continuous Space Gallery; "Planetary Movements, Possible Worlds" (2023). ARTBO | Fair; "XV National Salon of Young Art" (2022), "Temporal Break" (2022), and "Days of Future Past" (2021). Santa Fe Gallery; "TAR HOAX" (2020). Barcú, and National Residencies in Plastic Arts (El Parche 2020) and (Cocuyo Residence 2022).


Dimensions: 300 cm wide X 340 cm deep X 280 cm high Located on the 4th floor Window of 260 cm wide x 160 cm high facing east (direct and strong morning sunlight) 3 steel shelves and one built-in wall shelf, other work and storage elements can vary in location if required Private bathroom External storage space adjacent to the workshop measuring 200 cm wide x 180 cm deep x 300 cm high (located on the same floor as the workshop and used for storing own work, editorial prints, materials, and infrequently used electronic equipment)

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