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Taller Quiasmo

| Textile | Painting | Installation | Drawing | Printmaking

Quiasmo Taller-Galería is a self-managed project that began in 2012 with the purpose of opening a space for meeting and conversation among friends, neighbors and children who share an interest in arts and crafts.

In addition to being the workshop space for the artists involved in the project, it is a place where several proposals converge, such as "En el Taller," a creation laboratory where classes are taught for children and young people. It also hosts collective gatherings such as sewing circles, workshops, conferences, and local entrepreneurship fairs.

It has an exhibition space that is activated with activities proposed by the artists who showcase their work; one of the objectives is to make visible the work of the boys and girls who go through the workshop.

Quiasmo Taller-Galería is part of the Creative District of Teusaquillo, a project led by Mapa Teusaquillo, one of our main allies with whom we develop activities such as workshops, heritage visits, open days, among others.

The project is composed of: Carlos Naranjo, architect, sculptor, and teacher / Emma Naranjo, draftsman / Ana Milena Gómez, visual artist, weaver, and teacher.

Ana Milena Gómez

Ana Milena is a Master of Fine Arts from UNAL. She lived in Barcelona for 12 years, where she became involved in the painters' and drawers' fair on Las Ramblas; during that time, she attended arts and crafts workshops in the city that expanded her training as an artist-craftswoman with a special interest in textile craftsmanship. She participated in art education projects as a cultural mediator with migrant populations of women, youth, and children. She is interested in working with communities and currently developing a research-creation project with embroiderers in Cartago, Colombia. She alternates her artistic practice with teaching in various spaces. She has held several solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, France, and Colombia.


The workspace consists of 3 continuous areas that can be adjusted to the needs of the projects being developed. It has natural light, general lighting, and spotlights.

Workshop area: Here, textile activities are carried out (wet felting, dyeing, botanical printing), small-format printmaking, molding, and drawing. During the day, natural light enters this space. The area also includes a bathroom and a kitchenette with a stove, a coffee maker, basic utensils (glasses, plates, cutlery), and a sink for washing brushes and other items.


3 work tables - 12 chairs - 1 computer - 1 projector - 1 small-format printing press (30 cm wide), capable of techniques such as embossing, monotypes, collagraphy, linocut, and drypoint. - Basic printmaking tools: rollers of different sizes, punches, gouges - 2 bookbinding presses - 1 sewing machine - embroidery hoops - 1 embroidery hoop stand Basic sewing tools: measuring tape, needles, threads, fabric scraps - 1 horizontal loom with 4 frames (if not in use) Basic materials for wet felting: stove, soap, felting needles, bubble wrap, towels.

Schedule: Weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm.
Weekends or extended hours by arrangement with each artist.

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