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Taller Salvaje

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The atelier is primarily set up for the creation of ceramic productions and experimentation projects involving clay and its craft. It supports, advises, and materializes projects around this raw material. It has the space, machinery, and sufficient worktables to develop productions on a medium and small scale.

María Cano:

Maria is an artist, ceramist, and apprentice in the craft of pottery. Since 2015, she created Salvaje, a design and experimentation studio focusing on clay. She has been interested in getting to know traditional communities that work with this raw material, seeking to understand the relationship between the material, the landscape, the territory, and the craft. She has participated in exhibitions and residencies in Colombia and abroad.


The atelier is located in the garage of a family home and art gallery. It has an area of 15 m2 and features both natural and artificial lighting. There is also a sink area with concrete drying space.

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