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Taller Trez


Taller Trez

Taller Trez is a space for creation, reflection, and dissemination of graphic arts, both collective and personal projects. In 2010, several graphic artists came together for the first time with the project "Concurso de grabado de pequeño formato Minitrez" (Small Format Printmaking Contest); from that initiative, they consolidated as a group and began to generate projects through graphic arts and exchange with other spaces at the local and national levels. In 2011, they opened their doors as a workshop, and in 2012, they moved to the headquarters where they continue to operate today. The atelier, as well as its members, have been part of festivals at the national and international levels, where, in addition to exhibiting their work, they have been able to work as workshop leaders in cultural centers and in district and private training spaces.

Taller Trez opens its doors to national and international artists who wish to carry out projects and research around traditional printmaking, exploring its different possibilities and processes, and rescuing their value beyond mere tools for image reproduction. The workshop arises from the interest in connecting traditional printing techniques (woodcut, screen printing, engraving, etc.) with contemporary expressions and issues. We hope that the resident approaches their time in the workshop not as the end of a process or of an image to be printed, but as the beginning of it, where technical exploration, interaction of processes, textures, and surfaces offer endless creative possibilities.


The atelier is equipped with a half-sheet etching press (50x70 cm). A typographic card press or "letterpress" of 1/16 sheet (25x18 cm). Rollers of different sizes. A full-sheet paper dryer (100x70 cm). A full-sheet printing table (100x70 cm) for screen printing and paper drying. Frames of various sizes up to half-sheet (50x70 cm) and screens of different densities, as well as several squeegees. There are also 2 large-format frames (120x90 cm). A quarter-sheet lithographic press (35x50 cm) and lithographic stones of various sizes, from 10x15 cm to 35x50 cm.

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