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Taller Arte Continuo/TAC

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Continuous Art Atellier (In Spanish, Taller Arte Continuo) "TAC" is an autonomous space of reflection and artistic production created in 2015. What used to be an old mechanical shed that functioned more than 20 years ago in the industrial district of Parque Patricios in Buenos Aires, revives to become a space for unpublished art. The activities developed at TAC are nourished by a wide variety of contents, such as: advising of artistic projects, exhibitions, film cycles, workshops where various artistic languages ​​are combined, presentations of academic theses and artistic residencies, which promote the circulation of ideas and the exchange between Argentine and international cultural agents.

TAC is an open and shared space thought to develop artistic projects in a responsible and professional manner, where the main spirit of work is based on three central axes; ethics, camaraderie and respect among its participants. The use of the atellier is exclusively for accredited resident artists, making all facilities and tools within the workspace available, as long as the participant has knowledge of their use, in order to avoid damages or accidents. If they do not possess the knowledge, they should contact the managers of the workshop for the proper use of the facilities and tools. Otherwise, failure to comply with the above, the resident will be responsible for the damage caused. The atellier is a versatile space where the furniture is adaptable according to the needs of the projects, as long as it does not disturb the other participants within the place and it is previously agreed with the atellier's management. The access to the atellier will be previously coordinated with the resident depending on the days and times they want to work, if necessary, they will be granted a set of keys for them to enter independently.

The atelier is directed by Yasser Quezada Castillo


Yasser Quezada Castillo. Venezuelan, 1975. Visual Artist. Fine Arts Bachelor, Sculpture metion, University Institute of Advanced Arts Armando Reverón-2004, Venezuela. In 2012 graduated as a Specialist in Combined Art Languages ​​at UNA, Argentina, and became a member of the faculty and researchers of the Postgraduate Program, receiving a Research Grant. Since 2016 he is JTP of the Proyectual Painting chair at the same university. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela and Uruguay, in which the following stand out: Last Frontier: The Subjectivity of the Territory. Contemporary Art Space, Uruguay. Phase 4. Meeting of Art and Technology-CC Recoleta. Technological Fair, Fundación Telefónica, Argentina. "Se hace camino al andar". Museum of Fine Arts. Venezuelan art of the 21st century, Mega exhibition II. Alejandro Otero Museum. Somos Warao. Audiovisual. Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas. Venezuela. Since 2015, he has directed the Continuous Art Atellier. He lives and works in Buenos Aires.


TAC is a warehouse with an area of ​​170 m2. It contemplates a height of 7.50 m. with its four brick walls, a sheet metal roof with corrugated galvanized structure. It has a single entrance and exit door of easy and convenient access with dimensions of 2.10 m wide x 2.10 m high, which connects to an external corridor 2.00 m. wide x 28m. long, to the main gate 2.30 m. high x 2.30 m. width.

The warehouse has a wide tilting window 2.10 m wide x 1.50 m high, allowing a constant air flow, in turn, with the dimensions of the main door in its open state and the favorable height of 7.50 m from the atellier, generating sufficient ventilation flow for the activities that are carried out, where people can breathe calmly.

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