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We are a self-managed collective created in order to create spaces for exchange and dialogue between artists, curators, managers and researchers from local and other provinces and countries.  


We perceive ourselves as a multidisciplinary team that works together to provide support to each of the artists who visit us or who contact us virtually. Our work is mainly focused on generating contention so that they can carry out their projects and at the same time link with the artistic context of the city.

Lina Angel

1987. Bogotá, Colombia.

Politologist and cultural manager. Co-founder of R.A.R.O. and director of the program’s Buenos Aires branch. I studied Political Science and Intentional Relations at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá. Later I traveled to Buenos Aires where I started a Master in Communication and cultural creation at the Walter Benjamin Foundation. Since 2014 I have been leading R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires, my work focuses on generating links with institutions and artists, applying to scholarship programs, raising funds and on the general management of the projects that make up the residence. Simultaneously I have worked in different art spaces, artistic collectives, residency programs and artistic studio spaces in the management and production of exhibitions, talks and programs for artists. Proyecto Ace, BSM Art Building, Espacio Munar, among others. Currently I work as an independent cultural manager. I am interested in generating alternative forms of organization that are related to self-management and the collectivization of artistic practices.

Silvina Amighini

1979. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Degree in Art Curatorship from Universidad Nacional de las Artes. Since 2016 I have been part of the international artistic residency program R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires, where I work as director of the Curatorship Department and as trilingual educator at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires since June 2018. Of all the definitions that the role of the curator has, I identify with the one that maintains that curators are intermediaries between art and spectators. A kind of bridge that not only joins, but also has the important task of bringing people closer. I am a supporter of the idea that art is for everyone and an advocate of its democratization, which is why I am passionate about being able to share my experience, listen to yours and so, together, add knowledge.

Paloma Violeta 

1992. Bogotá, Colombia

Graduated in Visual Arts from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino. I have dedicated my artistic career to writing, mainly poetry and making videos and installations. My work revolves around the human-nature relationship trying to break the duality and generating hybrid spaces of connection between the beings on Earth. I am part of the international program of artistic residencies R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires since 2016 where I work as director of the Communication Department. In addition, I have followed up a portion of the resident artists’ projects and my atelier is part of the R.A.R.O. network. As manager and producer I have worked freelance on different projects such as Art Basel Cities, MAPA Feria, among others and as an artist I have exhibited in spaces both in Argentina and internationally. 

Ceci Villafagne
1984. San Juan, Argentina. 

Visual artist and publicist graduated from the National University of San Juan. Since 2017 I have been part of R.A.R.O. where I work as a community manager. I am also part of other collective projects collaborating in management and communication. My main work tool is photography, but for a long time I dedicated myself to advertising photography. My interest is to provide technical and conceptual tools that revolve around photography to enhance the visual communication of cultural agents in the medium.

Jennifer Okragly

1988. Bueno Aires, Argentina


Bachelor and Professor of Arts, Plastic Arts orientation graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires. For two years I was associated to the Chair of Pre-Columbian Art History where I developed a research project with the textile-identity axis and participated in conferences related to the academic field. Since 2017 I have been part of the international artistic residency program R.A.R.O. where I perform in the development of various tasks such as database administration, and production and communication assistance.

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