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Tendai Wilkinson (Harare / Zimbabwe)

Tendai Wilkinson is a teacher and artist, in total she has had three residency experiences with R.A.R.O., in 2016, 2017 and 2018, each one with different artists, thus taking advantage of the itinerant nature of the program. Tendai works with different disciplines, her artistic journey has gone through performance, engraving and painting.
Her first residency in 2016 was mainly based on an experimental project that involved the first two weeks painting in Gustavo Amenedo's workshop and then two more weeks in Espacio Khalkos accompanied by Alejandra Ferro with whom she had the opportunity to experiment with non-toxic engraving, this being one of her main interests. At the end of her residence her work was shown at Espacio Khalkos.
In 2017, during her second residency, Tendai carried out an introspective and autobiographical work mixing paint and lithography, she worked again with Gustavo Amenedo and as a second atelier she decided to opt for MAGMA, a space by the artist Matías Amici where she made a series of lithographs that once her residency was over, were exhibited at Panal 361 as part of HALLAZGO (“Finding”) a group exhibition that included several of the artists who are part of the program's ateliers.
For her 2018 residence Tendai managed to delve conceptually into her work, she inquired about different consequences of climate change that mobilize water, such as storms and floods, representing them in tears. She worked again with Matías Amici in lithography and with Martín Calcagno experimenting with different metals to finally generate a series of gems that represent these tears spilled on the ground.





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