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At R.A.R.O., we question the role of the residency and its multiple formats.

Our usual format involves connecting with other artists and traveling within the local scene of Buenos Aires. However, we believe that part of the creative experience also arises when we isolate ourselves and create space for silence and reflection.

The new format that we propose with A ISLA is a short 5-day experience where we decide to travel a few kilometers to El Pantano, a space located on the Delta Island in the river. And as always, through the shared experience, we delve a little deeper into each artist's process. A ISLA'S first edition took place in 2022. This is a paid experience and half a grant is awarded for each edition.


The aim of this short-term residency is to provide 5 days of introspection, self-observation, periods of silence, and complementary activities for project development and exploration of individual processes alongside the group of residents and the team of managers, artists, and curators who are part of the proposal.

Each day follows a specific dynamic, and we suggest a series of guidelines and schedules to follow. The idea is to have several hours of daily silence, Chi Kung practices each morning, free time for swimming or rowing in the river, creative writing exercises, exercises related to the territory, experiences that involve exploring the space and connecting with it, and project development meetings to keep things flowing.

We aim to take a break from our daily routines and overstimulation to bring closure to cycles and start anew.

Who Can Participate?

Artists, curators, arts managers, and other art professionals interested in experiencing self-observation and connecting with the river and the natural landscape of the Delta.


- Availability to participate in the short-term residency in person between November 28th and December 3rd of the current year.
- Willingness to live in isolation on the island alongside other residents and team members.
- No serious health issues.



How to Participate?

Send an email with the subject: Call for A ISLA SHORT-TERM RESIDENCY R.A.R.O. 2023 to

In the email, include your portfolio, a letter of interest explaining your motivations for participating in this A ISLA, and a presentation of 1 (one) or 2 (two) existing personal projects that you are interested in working on during the experience.

Until when can I apply?

We're not receiving applications right now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I create any artwork or have any tangible results from the experience?

No, the experience focuses on reflection, self-observation, and deepening one's own experience.

Is it a spiritual retreat?

No, the experience is designed for art professionals who want to delve into projects and need a space for reflection and silence, as well as feedback from others.

If you still have questions, even after you have perused this page and thoroughly reviewed the call guidelines (accessible via the button above), please don't hesitate to contact us at It will be our pleasure to provide you with more information so that you can join us on this adventure.

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