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Espacio La Pileta is an artistic project, an independent cultural space where the work of visual artists, multidisciplinary artists, and photographers is developed. At the same time, it is a self-managed educational space where courses and seminars are offered by the artists themselves. La Pileta emerged in 2022 as a result of the search by a collective of artists for the development of their work. Currently, it houses sculptors, painters, draftsmen, photographers, and electronic artists. The space hosts exhibitions, free activities, classes, cultural events related to various artistic disciplines, and welcomes different proposals from the neighborhood cultural scene.

The atelier is directed by Edgardo Rojas y Paola Koch

Edgardo Rojas

"I am an architect and sculptor who completed the Master's in Interactive Design at FADU-UBA (University of Buenos Aires) and a Diploma in Urban Design at UCV (Central University of Venezuela). I was a scholarship recipient from FNA (National Arts Fund) in 2022. I also took workshops in molding and sheet metal folding at UNA (National University of the Arts) and a workshop in Bio-Fabrication and biomaterials led by Ana Laura Cantera. My projects span various fields, including interactive installations, generative art, parametric design, and bio-design. I am an active participant in the PACC collective (Puentes de Acciones Culturales de Colegiales), where we engage in actions and interventions in the community to advocate for public spaces and neighborhood memory. I was involved in coordinating the Échale Color project, a community integration program through interventions in public spaces in vulnerable neighborhoods. Throughout my journey, I discovered a strong interest in working on projects involving collective construction, co-creation in specific territories, and the intersection of disciplines. These projects often require the use of diverse technologies for production. At times, I find it compelling to design systems for form generation, set these systems in motion, and explore different directions to arrive at new places. The technological and material exploration leads to new questions and perspectives in my work."

Paola Koch:


"I live and work in Buenos Aires. I am a feminist visual artist with a degree in Visual Arts from the University of the Argentine Social Museum. My artistic practice includes sculptures, drawings, analog photography, and installations. The starting point of my work revolves around the human body as a territory, particularly focusing on the female body. I explore the traces and scars that women carry throughout history. My artwork revolves around intimacy with a dual focus: the body and the interior of one's own home. It portrays the lives of two women (mother and daughter), where intimacy and the emotional bonds that unite them are staged and unfolded. I coordinate a sculpture workshop for adults, teaching classes periodically for over 7 years. In 2018, I co-founded the art collective T.E.T.A. (Territorio Experimental de Transformaciones Afectivas) with four colleagues. With T.E.T.A., we have executed various installations both within and outside the art circuit. One of these projects was selected to participate in the 'Nosotras Luchamos' Festival at the Karne Kunst art gallery in Berlin. I exhibited at RAF, Rojo al frente, in the [Cambiar el Mundo II] Como un rayo, en la nube tóxica exhibition, curated by Federico de la Puente. I was part of Clínicas 4 x 4, with Federico de la Puente and Pablo Sinaí. I also participated in La GranPaternal 8, presenting my work, 'Territorio Propio,' at Kurku Taller de Arte, and in the 2023 Performance Encounter at Umbral Espacio de Arte."

Artists who are part of La Pileta:

Edgardo Rojas @edos.r Sculpture, drawing, VR sculpting, digital modeling, photogrammetry, material exploration, molding, sound installations, collective interventions in public spaces.


Paola Koch @paolamkoch Sculpture and Photography. Wax modeling, clay, direct cement, molding, polyester resin, patinas. Analog photography. Sculpture classes at @espaciolapileta. Founder of T.E.T.A. (Territorio Experimental de Transformaciones Afectivas) - a transfeminist art collective.


Sofía Bitocchi @sofibitocchi Drawing and Painting. Oil paintings, acrylic, chalk pastel, graphite, charcoal, mixed techniques. Small-format ceramic modeling.


Delfina Cordonnier Experimental printmaking and drawing.


Martin Tarifeño @fiendproducciones Electronic Arts, Videomapping, Hardware hacking, Circuit Bending, Video Bending, Experimental music composition.


Clara Rodriguez @halurodeclara Analog photography - experimental techniques. Manual development of 35mm and 120 analog film, C-41 color and ECN-2 cinema, B&W development, alternative E6 slide development. Sustainable and experimental developments: stand development, bleach bypass, "organic" developers. Forced development, double exposure and film swap, internal masks, redscale, exposing both sides, film soup, interventions on negatives, embroidery on photos, lumen print, cyanotype, anthotype, chlorophyll print, solarigraphy, polaroid emulsion lift.


Colectivo Fulgor @fulgorferia Members: Diana Rietveld, Lorena Juriol, M.Florencia Ramírez. Tutors: Lorena Juriol, M.Florencia Ramírez. Analog/digital/experimental/archive/collage photography, photographic editing, and series assembly, mock-ups. Zine/photo-book. Installation/performance/writing/sounds.


Painting/Drawing, Printmaking/Graphics, Installation/Site-Specific, Muralism/Urban Intervention, Sculpture, Music, Video Art/Sound Art, Photography

Materials and Tools:

Welder, Soldering Iron, Angle Grinder, Drill, Jigsaw, 3D Printer, CNC Machine, Heat Gun, Mini Lathe, Shovel, Wheelbarrow, Folding Ladder, Mixing Drill Bit, Saws for Wood and Metal, 4 Hammers, Pliers, 1 Bending Vise, Presses, Squares, Magnetic Angles, Screwdrivers, Carpenter's Table, Press Table, 3 Tables with Trestles, 12 Chairs, Buckets and Containers, Spatulas and Modeling Tools, Brushes and Paintbrushes, Small Ceramic Oven, Photography Lab.

Operating hours and days:

There are no restrictions regarding days or hours for work, except for the avoidance of loud noises between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

* Atelier's keys available for the artists.

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