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The studio-workshop ST is located a few blocks from the river and port of Olivos in Vicente Lopez. It is a space for the research of materials and textile techniques, development, and production of work related to the textile world and upcycling. They provide support for projects in artwork, design, jewelry, and textile sculpture.

The atelier is directed by Sabina Tiemroth

Sabina Tiemroth grew up in the high Valle de Río Negro and Neuquén area in Argentina.

She graduated in Fashion and Textile Design from the University of Buenos Aires in 2011. She furthered her education at the "la Nave" Contemporary Jewelry Workshop by Jorge Castañón and the Sculpture Workshop by Luis Maria Terán. Currently, she is involved in the "Project Follow-up" by Chiachio & Giannone. She was recently honored with the Good Design Seal 2023 for her collection "Cruza" in collaboration with Telarmadre; GDS 2021 for her lighting collection "COCUN," and GDS 2028 for her collection "Simismo" of Contemporary Jewelry and objects, awarded by the Ministry of Production of the Nation. Certified as an Ethical Design Entrepreneur by Creatividad Ética, UBA Emprende, Club de Emprendedores FADU in 2019. In 2021, she received the "Creation" Grant from the National Fund for the Arts for her research project with Biomaterials, and the "Mobility Line" in 2017 granted by the Argentine Fund for Cultural and Creative Development.

In her studio, she works on her design and textile art collections, provides workshops, design services, and consultancy for companies and museums. Her works have been exhibited in national and international competitions and shows, including: Selected for the 28th Textile Salon at the Sivori Museum in 2024, National Salon of Visual Arts Prize 2022, III Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial organized by the Costume Museum and Argentine Jewelers; National Fund for the Arts, AREATEC Cassará building; "Schmuck 2013 and 2014" (Germany), solo exhibition at Jewelerswerk Gallery (USA), Melting Point (Spain), Silver Festival (Poland), Cervantes Institute (Netherlands), Museum of Decorative Art and Design Franz Mayer (Mexico).


Installation / Site-Specific, Sculpture, Video Art / Sound Arts, Photography, Textile, Jewelry, Design, Clothing, Sculpture, and Textile Objects.

Materials and tools:

The atelier is equipped with textile tools, including a sewing machine, loom, knitting needles, embroidery hoop, threads, scissors, manual yarn winder, dress form, and various textile scraps.

Operating hours and days:

Monday to Friday, schedules to be coordinated.

* Atelier's keys not available for the artists.

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