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Taller Omnívoros is a space of productive resources endowed with professional tools to elaborate projects in a great variety of materials. It is managed by a non-profit cultural association and all the benefits generated from the use its partners make of it, reverts directly to space: maintaining it, improving it, expanding it and consolidating it.


It is intended for fields ranging from work in metal and wood, concrete, resins, mechanics, electricity, electronics, photography ... However, it is governed by the motto "workshop makes workshop" and therefore, the demand for needs drives its growth in new areas or technical improvements.

Taller Omnivoros is managed by four artists:


Juan Caño is a designer and technician in applied arts and sculpture, with a degree in Philosophy from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) and has a scholarship in Philosophy by Katholieke Universiteir Lueven. Since 2005 he has developed different sculptural projects for his personal work, collective work and helping other artists. In 2003 he founded an aesthetics and critical thinking magazine named ARTIZAR. Coming from strong activity in different groups with interests in aesthetics and public activation. He combines his work with workshops for children and young people where they work collectively.


Maite Camacho is a senior technician in Advertising Graphic and Bachelor in Fine Arts. Commissioner and cultural manager for her own projects and other people’s, highlighting the implementation and general coordination of Espacio Menosuno since 2005, a collective space with intense programming through a public call. Also highlighting the direction of IN-SONORA, a platform for the support and diffusion to the most emergent sound and interactive art, which has become a national and international reference after seven exhibits and several projects abroad. She has curated other collective projects such as DVD Project, International Video Exhibit 2007 - 2010, together with Stitching IDFX (Breda, Netherlands), CBA.NET Project 2008 - 2009, at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, curator of ARTe SONoro OFF 2009 - 2010, along with La Casa Encendida. She combines these works with those of creative, designer and visual plastic artist.


Alfredo Morte is a technician in Design A. A. Sculpture and Professor with honors in UCM Philosophy, he presents himself as a carpenter for emotional reasons and what he knows about electricity he has learned experimenting with engines of street pickups. For 10 years he has collaborated with and directed several projects and groups of independent art focused on the interactivity and reflective participation of the public. With his experimentation with sound and mechanisms, he has participated in international shows such as INTERFERENCE (Holland), IN-SONORA (Madrid), SAOUT (Morocco), ARTe-SONoro (Madrid), TRANSONICA (Mexico) TENTACIONES- Estampa Matadero and Madrid. Since 2009, he holds workshops based on the recycling of household appliances and the use of engines.


Miguel Ángel Ballesta graduated in Applied Arts from the School of Plastic Arts and Design of San Telmo (Málaga). From 2008 until today he combines his freelance perspective in his personal project MIGUELANGELESS, with his work in the Design Studio SPR-MSH, as designer and creative designer, in which he has been working for more than 10 years. As his alias reflects, he does not know very well if he is a sketcher, painter, designer, or any of that, the only thing clear to him is that he likes music.



  • 200 m² Space. 

  • An area dedicated to office work (computer) and a studio workshop area.

  • Specific tools

  • Studio of carpentry, metal, electronics, etc.

  • Kitchen and bathroom.

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