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ACME Estudio

Ideal for cultural projects requiring an audio-visual approach and special support on industrial design. They are able to suit to real needs of contemporary artists by building bridges which involve creation, industry and craft.
Techniques: Painting, drawing, installation, performance, sculpture, sound/video-related arts, photography.

The space came out to fill needs related to space and tools of individual artists under the idea of being shared by artists linked to the city of Madrid. This studio host art & design output, workshops and exhibitions. They like to propose thru experimental and cooperative attitude, generating nets with different cultural agents both domestic and international. As it is an open-plan area, they are able to host all kind of workshops and activities to weave a community by sharing knowledge.

They own an industrial space of 250 m2 including a wood and metal workshop, an audio-visual set of 50 m2 and working tables. The light in the space is very luminous in an open-plan area ready for all scales needed.

Audio-visual set with lighting equipment ready for photography and video and a workshop for basic carpentry and metal-welding works. Individual working tables and a locker with key for each resident. To work in the study a reservation mentioning the needed time is necessary as well as signing the terms of use. Common facilities include hall, kitchen and bathroom.

Débora Levy is an independent artist and cultural agent. She co-founded and co-managed ACME Estudio together with Olivia Ferreira y Victoria Rosa Flórez-Estrada.

From 2018 to 2020 she worked in Centro de Acercamiento a lo Rural (Centre for Rural Rapprochement) in Madrid Inland-Campo Adentro organizing the production and programming of events, presentations, workshops, and residences; and supporting Inland activities in Spain and Europe.

Between 2018 and 2019 she worked in Espositivo Madrid, a place for exhibitions and a school for contemporary art practices, by helping in the coordination of the academy and the artistic residences.

By September 2019 she joined the cultural association “De Origen” to outline an “Untitled Exodus” from Cuenca to Madrid; a social sculpture to think about landscape transformation and empathy between the cities and the countryside. In February 2018, she acted as co-curator for an exhibition at Casa Banchel which brought together Spanish and Peruvian artists around the “cajón”, a Peruvian-origin percussion instrument used in flamenco music (“Todo tambor hallado fue quemado” part of ARCO Perú coordinated by Fietta Jarque). She also cooperated and generate content for a radio program (Radio Relativa 2019-2020) 

In New York, from 2015 to 2017, she was assistant to the artist Analía Segal in her video and installation work. In the same period worked in the manufacturing of sculptures for the artist Ivana Bašić. In the same period, she created an online platform, Radial Gallery, devoted to experimenting with the navigator as an exhibition space for audio and audio-visual pieces by managing an online resident program and several live broadcasts with the aim of developing an art channel and visual experimentation.


- Tools for metal and wood workshop: radial grinders, sanders, polishers, milling machines, biscuit joiners, drills, heads, etc.

- Stationary tools: saws, circular saws for wood, metal, tig/mig and mig/mag welding...

-Hand tools: shears, sheet metal cutters, sandpaper, hammers, chisels, pliers, calipers, squares, spanners, saws, scissors, cutters, blowtorches, clamps...

-  Work tables, trestles, chairs, and sofas.

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