Angelina Paz

In the Cultural Club Matienzo took place the closing of the Grant of Urban Intervention and Engraving of the R.A.R.O. residencies. It had the support of the Metropolitan Fund for the Arts and allowed two Argentine artists, Nahuel Santiago, (Mar del Plata) and Angelina Paz (Córdoba) to develop their artistic projects throughout the month of September.


Angelina Paz worked at Puente, atelier of Melisa Scisciani - recorder and graphic artist - where she developed her project of object engraving running to the engraving of the traditional support to assemble hanging textile structures. During this process Angelina was also accompanied by Silvina Romero de Tacurú Textile Practice Workshop.


We celebrate the end of the cycle of residency at the Matienzo Cultural Club, where you can visit the exhibition "Vestigios", the work of Angelina Paz curated by Chili Amighini (team R.A.R.O.) exposed in the Matienshön room, located on the first floor. We deeply believe in the link as a creative engine, that the exchange of ideas and knowledge makes us great. That is why we thank all the excellent human group that has participated in this residence.

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