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Taller Castillo is a multidisciplinary space where techniques such as painting, ceramics, tattooing, illustration, and sculpture are explored. The workshop's dynamic is flexible, tailored to the needs of each artist's work. The goal is to open up the universe of the artwork, delve into the depth of techniques, expand the network of contacts, encourage the exchange of knowledge, and foster constructive debates related to the concept of the artwork.

The atelier is directed by Christian Riffel

Christian Riffel, born in Buenos Aires in 1982, is a visual artist and muralist whose work is influenced by his design studies and street art experiences in the late '90s. Around 2010, he returned to abstraction and geometry. From large-scale paintings in public spaces to iron sculptures and small-format paintings, his work can be analyzed as influenced by urban material and the intersection of abstract art tradition.

The disruptive composition, tension, and color are the subjects of study. Multiple ways of representing geometry are prevalent in his work. Riffel is interested in experimenting with different pictorial systems that generate intersections where he questions a new spatiality.


2020 / Work Clinic. Mauro Koliva & Fabian Burgos.
2019 / "The Whole and the Parts," at the Torcuato Di Tella University. Eduardo Stupia.
2018 / Pac Program (Contemporary Art Practices - Gachi Prieto Gallery). Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 / 2015. Work Clinic. Leila Tshopp.
2017 / Workshop on work writing. Silvia Gurfein.
2016 / Workshop "Maps and Myths of Contemporary Art" at the National University of the Arts. Nicolas Frank and Matias Billordo.
2016 / Workshop "Luminous Objects in Contemporary Art" at Espacio Pla. Alfio Demestre.
2015 / Workshop "Neither Full nor Empty" at the Torcuato Di Tella University. Karina Peisajovich.
2005 / Graphic Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism.


Solo Exhibitions

2019 / Fragments of Nothing. Beta Sur Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2016 / Learning to See by Looking Alone. Union Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014 / Force. Honeycomb Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012 / Bird. Hollywood in Cambodia Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Group Exhibitions (selection)

2018 / The Pleasure of Exile / Gachi Prieto Gallery / Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 / Territories / Carnacinni Museum / Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 / How to Build a Fence / Pasaje 17 Gallery / Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 / Placements. Light, Color, Space. Espacio Caballero. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 / Optical Code. Luminous Dialectic. Modos Space. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 / Abstract Acromatisms. University of Salvador. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2016 / Art Fair Toronto. Studio Gallery 488. Toronto, Canada.
2016 / Precise and Unstable. Arbarellos Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2015 / Pull the Rope. ICBC Art Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014 / Prism. Dinamica Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013 / The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires. The Fridge Gallery. Washington DC, United States.
2012 / The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires. New Castle Gallery. London, England.
2012 / Outside the Line. M.A.C.R.O. Museum. Rosario, Argentina.
2010 / Diada. Carnacinni Museum. Villa Ballester, Argentina.
2009 / Graffiti Argentina. Neurotitan Gallery. Berlin, Germany.
2009 / Graffiti Argentina. Issue Gallery. Paris, France.
2008 / Ficus Represent. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019 / Selection "Painting" - National Painting Salon Vicentin.



2022 / Casa Garita / Xoxocotlán Oaxaca, Mexico.
2009 / House of the Art red Bull / Sampaio Moreira / Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Painting / Drawing, Printmaking / Graphics, Installation / Site-Specific, Muralism / Urban Intervention, Sculpture, Music, Video Art / Sound Arts, Photography, Textile, Fashion, Gastronomy.

Work tables x6 / Easels x4 Chairs and stools. Tools for working with ceramics. Central lights. Floor lamps x2 / Spotlight x1 Walls suitable for hanging canvases and painting. Stretcher tools. Projector. Hairdryers. Printmaking tools. (We don't have a press) Mini living room with a library and a sofa. Supplies storage. Bluetooth speakers x2.

Operating hours and days:

Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

* Atelier's keys not available for the artists.

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