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David Berard


Inicio de un Manifiesto (Sart of a Manifesto)

Davoc’s project started in a small jungle in the city of Carcarañá, Santa Fe, called "El Solar", on the banks of the river and with a Yashica 635, 120mm camera. Upon his arrival in Buenos Aires he madea city tour of while recording it from different angles, managing to close a series of shots, contrasting forest-city / city-forest and looking for a way to make them merge, relate and dialogue.

At first instance, Davoc worked on his images at atelier Espacio Punto Aparte, directed by artist Santiago Kimsa, who guides him in order to reproduce the collected images with the blueprint  technique.

As part of the itinerant nature of R.A.R.O, Davoc also worked the most outstanding images treproduce them as photogravure with Noelia Toscano at El P1SO De Abajo.

The result of this project is the beginning of an action, the beginning of a manifesto that makes nature the protagonists, the utopian idea of ​​modifying the urban environment and transforming
the imagination.

R.A.R.O’s first residence has managed to stimulate the creativity of each and every one of the
participants of this experience.

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