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Pintura | Dibujo | Textil | 

70 square meters workshop on the first floor with large windows overlooking Independence Avenue.

The atelier is directed by Josefina Goñi

"Visual artist with studies at the National University of Arts (Master's in LAC), graduated as a Clothing Designer (FADU), with a Higher Diploma in Civil Society Organizations (FLACSO). Nowadays, I develop social and political work through painting, drawing, photography, and the use of public spaces. I have participated in residencies at R.A.R.O Madrid, NY Academy of Arts, and the Salzburg Global Forum. My artistic exploration has deep roots in the social work I engage in and the contexts of the communities I collaborate with. I am interested in what makes each person unique, our quests, and pride. I seek to understand the connection we have with the resources around us and the ecosystem of which we are a part."


Drawing, Painting, Sewing, Embroidery.

Materials and tools for prototyping:


Fabrics, markers, pencils, acrylics, watercolors, fabric paint, drill, gouges, screwdrivers, presses, hammers, needles, sander, iron, kraft paper, wool, embroidery threads, cardboard, wires. The space is equipped with a microwave, electric kettle, cups, coffee, tea, mate.

Hours and days of operation:

Monday to Sunday 24 hours.

* Atelier's keys available for the artists.

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